Save Money With Multiyear Cloud Subscriptions

November 3, 2022

Multiyear Subscriptions Can Protect Customers From Inflation and Rising Production Costs

The cost of doing business continues to rise and many companies are taking a hard look at their finances as profit margins narrow. Inflation is at a 40 year high and many industries are still grappling with global supply chain issues, ongoing semiconductor chip shortages, and a tight labor market. Companies are taking steps to prepare for an uncertain economic future by examining their expenses.

Cloud-based technology offers businesses substantial economies of scale. More than nine in 10 businesses are currently using cloud technology in some way, including email, phone, backup, applications, and increasingly, video surveillance.

Inflation Protection

Eagle Eye Networks, the worldwide leader in cloud video surveillance, now offers customer discounts and protection from future inflationary price increases for years to come with multiyear subscriptions. Customers who sign up for a yearly or multiyear subscription establish rates up front to guarantee that their costs will not increase for the length of the subscription.

While some customers may need the flexibility of a monthly bill, more and more businesses prefer paying annually for subscription services that have already been budgeted. Eagle Eye Networks offers discounted pricing tiers for customers who choose a one, three, or five year subscription for their cloud video surveillance.

Eagle Eye Networks President Ken Francis says more and more businesses are looking to save money with longer subscriptions. “If there is added value in a three or five year commitment, it’s a win for both resellers and end users,” Francis said. “Business leaders want the best and most economical technology for their security needs. If the service is right and the price is right, a multiyear subscription means less negotiations and paperwork to continue that service.”

The Move To The Cloud

cloud video surveillance data center

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the move within the security industry to cloud-based video surveillance. A 2022 video surveillance market report by Novaira Insights found that 68.3% of businesses polled thought their organizations will move to managing or storing more of their video surveillance data in the cloud. The same poll found 53% of those businesses said the pandemic either “started” or “accelerated” their cloud strategy for video surveillance.

Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS (Video Management System) is a modern system built to support all future surveillance needs for businesses, including advanced surveillance video analytics and expanding artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements.

Unmatched Flexibility

Cloud video surveillance offers remote access and management and unmatched system flexibility. Even with a multiyear subscription, businesses still have the flexibility to adjust their system at any time. This includes adding or removing cameras or video analytics and changing camera retention and resolution settings on a camera-by-camera basis at any time.

Cloud Surveillance Lowers Costs

Technology operational costs, many of which are not in plain sight, can significantly raise the cost of technology ownership. However, cloud computing has changed the total cost of ownership (TCO) landscape for security video surveillance deployments. Moving the computing and video storage infrastructure to the cloud results in a total cost of ownership considerably below a typical onsite system. The savings generally range between 20 and 50 percent compared to costs for hosting the VMS applications in a corporate data center.

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