PSA Women’s Committee: Building Self-Confidence Through Assertiveness

November 29, 2022
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Why do some people seem self-confident and in control while others withdraw, allow themselves to be taken advantage of and are unable to communicate their needs or assert what they are entitled to? How do self-confident people do it, and where does their strength come from? In this education session brought to you by PSA’s Women’s Committee, attendees will learn some best practices and examples from our panel on how to be more self-confident, assertive, achieve clearer communication and gain more respect from others.


Brooke Erickson | Director of Learning & Development | The PSA Network


Alana Batschelet | Account Manager | Integrated Security Technologies

Tia Eskandari | Director of Service - Southwest | Allied Universal

Delilah Palacios | Service Manager | Preferred Technologies, LLC

Pauline Powell | Account Executive | Long Building Technologies

Deanna VanHout | National Partner Program Manager | Paladin Technologies