Hang 10 and High Tide Members for Fiscal Year 2022

March 27, 2023

PSA’s Hang 10 and High Tide programs honor our most loyal members and owners! The Hang 10 represent the top 10 purchasers in the PSA Network. Members of the High Tide are highly engaged with PSA and purchase a large quantity of their products through the network.

“Membership at PSA is exclusive and made up of the most progressive systems integrators in the industry; the Hang 10 and High Tide are the cream of the crop,” said Matt Barnette, President and CEO of PSA. “PSA looks for integrators who are thought leaders, have strong core values and are forward thinking. Members of this new program exemplify these attributes and we want to celebrate them.”

The High Tide and Hang 10 both help carry out PSA’s vision to be the rising tide. Members will enjoy exclusive perks such as media relations, personalized educational offerings, additional engagement, extra networking opportunities at PSA events and more.

PSA Hang 10

  1. Tech Systems, Inc. 
  2. Allied Universal Technology Services
  3. Netronix Integration, Inc. 
  4. Reece Complete Security Solutions
  5. Northland Control Systems
  6. Unlimited Technology, Inc.
  7. Convergint Technologies
  8. CTSI
  9. Pro-Tec Design
  10. Security Equipment

PSA High Tide

Fiscal year 2022 features 32 members joining the High Tide:

Tech Systems, Inc. 

Allied Universal Technology Services

Netronix Integration, Inc. 

Reece Complete Security Solutions

Northland Control Systems

Unlimited Technology, Inc.

Convergint Technologies


Pro-Tec Design

Security Equipment

Lanmor Services Inc.

APL Access & Security

CM3 Building Solutions Inc

PASS Security


Mobile Comm America

LVC Companies

Pathway Technologies

Minuteman Security Technologies

A3 / Advantech

Koorsen Fire & Security

Integrated Protection Services

SAGE Integration

Vision Security Technologies

Gorrie-Regan and Associates

Access Security

Communications Electronics Systems

South Western Communications (SWC)


Integrated Security Solutions

Southeastern Security Professionals

Ollivier Corporation

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